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Raising Feminist Boys

Raising Feminist Boys

Bobbi Wegner, psyd

Foreword by Jessica Joelle Alexander

New Harbinger Publications


Quatrième de couverture:

"As parents, we all wantto raise kind and loving kids who will grow up to be conscientious adults. But in a world still steeped in gender inequality and sexual violence,it's become more and more clear that we can't just teach girls to protect themselves. We must also teach our sons compassion and empathy. We must teach them to respect girls - and not just the ones they think are pretty. We must teach them to embrace and celebrate diversity. But where do we begin?


Written by a clinical psychologist, Raising Feminist Boys is a parent's guide to having age-appropriate conversations with boys about sexual responsability, consent, gender, empathy, and identity. You'll find practical tips and tools for talking with your son about feminism without shame, fear, or judgment; and strategies to help them recognize and question gender normsand biases in culture and themselves. It's never too early to start talking to boys about equality. This book will help you get the conversation started."